Interview Savvy conducts group seminars for universities, alumni associations and professional organizations/associations through corporate or direct sponsorship. We build clients into confident and prepared candidates who embrace the interview process. Our four-hour seminar is conducted in a classroom setting, focusing on the most common traditional and behavioral interview questions and techniques used by employers. Program participants receive our exclusive workbook, The Interview Savvy Toolbox. Course topics include: 

  • Interview process overview
  • Great first impressions
  • How to research the company
  • How to answer traditional and behavioral interview questions
  • How to best express your personal goals
  • Creating your elevator speech 
  • How to close the deal and follow up 
  • Mock interviews


Interview Savvy recognizes the plight of the long-term unemployed and is working to change the perception of this overlooked talent pool. Interview Savvy and Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications are producing and hosting virtual career events specifically designed to address the needs of the long-term unemployed (LTU). These events will provide job seekers FREE access to the Interview Savvy: Long-Term Unemployed program. This program includes online training modules and counseling specifically designed to aid the long-term unemployed to be more effective in their job search. The virtual career events provide a forum where forward-thinking employers -- who see the value this untapped pool of talent will bring to their organizations -- can share information and communicate live with motivated long-term unemployed candidates. See tab on home page for additional information.



The interaction of hiring authorities and candidates, the psychology behind how people reach decisions, and the challenge of our current economy makes interviewing a true art and science. We present to academic institutions, professional organizations, parent groups, and alumni gatherings to address the issues their organization is facing. Presentations may be customized from the list of topics below, or from topics suggested by you, all in the timeframe you choose.

  • Traditional interview questions
  • Behavioral interview questions
  • Interview blunders - avoid these big mistakes
  • Interviewing preparation and techniques
  • Setting yourself apart from your competition
  • Etiquette and professionalism - your professional brand
  • On-campus recruiting preparation
  • Company research/Questions you ask
  • Career fair preparation
  • The top 12 questions you must master
  • Using social media effectively
  • Résumé construction and cover letters
  • Networking strategies
  • Personal branding


Experience one-on-one coaching with a trained Interview Savvy professional to develop and hone your interview skills. Individual coaching is personalized to meet your specific interviewing needs, move at your pace, and serve your personal goals. In addition to reviewing all of the components of our Interview Savvy seminar, you will also complete our proprietary Interview Savvy Toolbox with the personal attention and relevant on-the-spot feedback for topics in which you need the most assistance.


The Strong Interest Inventory instrument is a powerful tool that can help you make satisfying decisions about your career and education. The Strong measures your interests, as opposed to your skills and abilities, and the results can help guide you toward rewarding careers, work activities, education programs, and leisure activities -- all based on your interests.  Whether you are just starting out in your career, thinking about a change, or considering education options for career preparation, you can benefit from the wealth of information reflected in your Strong results. Understanding your  Strong Profile can help you identify a career focus and begin your career planning and exploration process. 



The admissions interview for private elite high schools (both boarding and day schools) has a major impact on a student's chances of admission.  It is important for students to feel comfortable enough with the interview process to be able to be themselves in the interview and to let their true personalities shine through.  In this one-on-one workshop, we brief students on the ins and outs of admissions interview process, help students assess their strengths, work with them on practicing discussing their interests and activities, and go through how to answer the most frequently asked questions.  Additionally, we work with students on how to ask the interviewer great questions in the interview which show interest in and commitment to the school.  Students will leave this training feeling comfortable with how to conduct themselves in the interview process and confident in their ability to let their personalities shine.  



For more information on any of these programs and pricing please email: info@interviewsavvy.com

As a recent college grad, I was surprised how much I had to learn about the interview process. The expert advice and training from Interview Savvy saved me hours of interview prep. I am now a more knowledgeable and confident interviewee.

– Brendan W., Boston University '11

This is the best interview prep workshop I have attended… I have attended at least eight.

– Lydia G., University of Chicago '14

Walking into the seminar, I had very little confidence in my ability to give a solid interview. After the seminar, I’m feeling super-confident and excited at the prospect of my next interview!

– Clarissa M., University of Chicago '15

As a recruiter, I would say that the material is right on! An Interview Savvy candidate will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition!

– Jaclyn L.

I'm confident Interview Savvy will give me an edge above others because I have never heard of any of my friends doing something like this. It was extremely helpful.

– Meghan S., Miami of Ohio '14

I would encourage anyone who is in the market or who will be in the market again for a job to take this class.

– Kaitlyn P., Monmouth College '14