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  • Interview Savvy launches pilot program at University of Chicago

    Trilaureate chose University of Chicago students as our “test pilots” for Interview Savvy. On a cold Saturday afternoon we hosted a group of students for the first-ever Interview Savvy seminar. The purpose of the pilot was to test the seminar with bright students with varying levels of interviewing experience. The University of Chicago was an excellent place to do this as the students are truly brilliant!

    Without exception, the students loved the program content, including the exercises, worksheets and the coaching. They were impressed with how much they learned and left prepared and confident for their next interview.


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As a recent college grad, I was surprised how much I had to learn about the interview process. The expert advice and training from Interview Savvy saved me hours of interview prep. I am now a more knowledgeable and confident interviewee.

– Brendan W., Boston University '11

This is the best interview prep workshop I have attended… I have attended at least eight.

– Lydia G., University of Chicago '14

Walking into the seminar, I had very little confidence in my ability to give a solid interview. After the seminar, I’m feeling super-confident and excited at the prospect of my next interview!

– Clarissa M., University of Chicago '15

As a recruiter, I would say that the material is right on! An Interview Savvy candidate will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition!

– Jaclyn L.

I'm confident Interview Savvy will give me an edge above others because I have never heard of any of my friends doing something like this. It was extremely helpful.

– Meghan S., Miami of Ohio '14

I would encourage anyone who is in the market or who will be in the market again for a job to take this class.

– Kaitlyn P., Monmouth College '14